Please welcome Robopolitan the cute event robot with soul!


Robopolitan is capable of communicating live with the audience using a bi-directional Video- and Audio-stream.

From a cheerful animation to serious information transmission – the possibilities are endless. Even hosting an event as a presenter is possible.

Here’s a video showing all possibilities:

A built-in mobile PA-system plays DJ-music or even a singer can sing over the PA – mobile and wireless.

Here’s a video of our music module (deutsche Version unter Videos):


On the front of Robopolitan, there is an Ipad Pro capable of playing videos with sound, transmitting your advertising message or playing games etc.

Here’s a video of our game module (deutsche Version unter Videos):

In the “Follow Me”-mode the robot guides audience from one place to another. Therefore we supply a custom made LED-Sign that can be extended up to 2.80 meters for maximum attention.

But the most important thing is Robopolitan’s charme: it instantly wins the hearts of the audience with it cute look and it’s charming output.

Why not book a robot instead of a moderator, DJ or musician?