Stereopolitan is the first Ipad-Band that provides full musical support for events. Starting with an instrumental set, there can follow tasteful lounge sets, followed by an optional short party set and this…. mobile and wireless!

Founded in 2012 Stereopolitan has played gigs all over europe using their unique Ipad Instruments and has achieved a visionary Sound-impression without loosing the charm of a Live-Band.



The innovative ipad-instruments, like the ipad-guitar and the ipad-violin developed exclusively by stereopolitan forms the unique sound character of the project, as the performers interact both musically and digitally.

Here’s a live video:

Live there are a lot of possibilities: there are various interaction modules, like the “interactive LED-theremin” and the “interactive multitouch”, which enable the audience to participate in the performance, triggering buzzwords or jamming along with the band on ipads supplied in front of the stage.

The sound experience not only develops through the interactivity within the band, but also through the interaction with the audience.

Here’s a tutorial video, which explains the ipad instruments and the “interactive multi-touch”-module:

The live-program of stereopolitan varies loungy interpretations of well-known retro-songs and actual chart-hits, combined with a tasteful mixture of filmmusic-remixes and instrumental performances which guarantees a diverse musical experience.